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Trekking with TEFSA
It’s mid April, which is the hot, dry summer in Ethiopia, but up here at 11,500 feet the mornings are cool in the thin air. My accommodation for the night has been a stone tukul – the local style of round stone house with a thatched roof. Five of them are clustered on this outcrop overlooking the town of Lalibela about 3500 feet below. The camp is the work of TESFA (Tourism in Ethiopia for Sustainable Future Alternatives) a not-for-profit organization that promotes sustainable community tourism at several sites in northern Ethiopia. Their treks are an incredible experience and a great way to interact with the people of Ethiopia.

Lalibela Ethiopia, Diary of a Muzungu
Must visit. The Church of St. George (in Amharic known as Bete Giyorgis), one of 11 monolithic churches in Lalibela. A very spiritual place - even for me, a non-believer

Lalibela, Ethiopia