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Lake Vermilion

Our Limo Arrives
On a weekend visit to friends with no road access to their cabin on Lake Vermilion, we started our visit at the public boat landing where they picked us up on their pontoon. Any vacation that starts with a pontoon shuttle has to be great!
Sunset behind the trees
Lake Vermilion is a large, twisting lake dotted with pine covered islands. It can be hard to find a good spot to watch the sun set over the water, but sometimes the sun setting behind the pines can be just as good!
Sunset behind the trees Tower Minnesota United States

Boathouse with Eagles
While you can't see the eagles in this picture without a magnifying glass, that large pine has a nest with two juveniles in it. Apparently it didn't matter to the parents that they built next door to a cabin and boathouse.

That's part of what makes Lake Vermilion so interesting: Part of it is a beautiful wild place where humans seem to have had little impact, but mixed in are plenty of cabins and resorts that allow access to this beautiful place.
Boathouse with Eagles Tower Minnesota United States

The Perfect Cabin
Lake Vermilion has plenty of cabins, bu this was one of my favorites - obviously a well-maintained treasure from another time, it would be wonderful to spend the summer living in this place. At least we can admire it as we motor past.
The Perfect Cabin Tower Minnesota United States

Northwoods Ideal
Lake Vermilion is a huge, gorgeous expanse of water with lots of enticing islands. It gives visitor a sense of the Boundary Waters, without having to do work of canoeing and staying in the wilderness.
Northwoods Ideal Tower Minnesota United States