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Lake Agnes Tea House

Lake Agnes Tea House, Lake Louise
When you visit Banff. Take a good hike above Lake Louise until you reach Lake Agnes Tea House. Great Tea, Hot Chocolate and Scones!

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Hike up to Lake Agnes
We found breathtaking views literally around every corner when we visited Banff National Park in Canada last June, but this one left us gasping for air. The steep two-hour hike uphill from Lake Louise may have had something to do with our wheezing, but we decided the scenery made up for our pain.

Just to the right from where I am standing, there is a charming off-the-path teahouse (Lake Agnes Tea House it is called) with hanging bouquets and tree stump chairs where we rested our feet and smoothed our lungs with the smell and taste of organic tea.

After a short repose, we tried to hike up to Little Beehive but lost the trail due to the 3+ feet of unmelted snow. So we scuttled back, out of fear of running into a bear in the wilderness (we had heard horrible stories). Luckily, we made it back bear-free and we continue to admire the photos we took of the scenery along the way.
Hike up to Lake Agnes Banff National Park  Canada

Lake Louise, AB T0L, Canada
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