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The Secret of Opera Aida Millbrae California United States

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The Secret of Opera Aida

The Baha Theater in sound and light zone in Egypt will features the ceremony of presenting the legendary love story "Opera Aida" for 3 days from 8 to 10 March, 2018.

Opera Aida is one of the most important festivals and events attracting tourists to attended ,Many of those who love and follow this story do not know why it is called by this name, which we will answer in the following lines .

Opera Aida is a musical drama, which includes a musical dialogue, dance shows and many songs in four acts that reflect the conflict between duty and passion. It tells the story of love between the Ethiopian prisoner Aida and Radames, the Egyptian army commander, who was engaged to the Pharaoh’s daughter “Ameneres” who was fiercely jealous of her.

The Egyptian Pharaoh sentenced Radames to death after trying to escape with Aida to Abyssinia.

The start of Opera Aida legendary was appeared when the French archaeologist "August Marita" discovered manuscripts having the name Aida in the Nile Valley.
The manuscript is a four-page story written by the renowned French sociologist “Merit Pasha”, and the lyrics’ Text written by Liberto Jesella Nazoni. After its translation in 1869, Khedive Ismail asked the Italian musician Verdi who composed the music of opera Aida for 150,000 francs of gold.

The decor and work clothes were designed in Paris, which cost 250,000 francs. Opera Aida was first performed in 1871 at the theater of Khedive old opera house in Egypt.It premiered in Europe for the first time on La Scala Theater in Italy in February 1872.
Opera Aida have six main characters: Aida, the heroine of the story, an Ethiopian princess who was captured by the Egyptian army. "Radames", the Egyptian army commander who is in love with Aida . Ameneres, Amneris, the Egyptian King’s daughter who also loves Radames, Pharaoh Egypt, Amonsero, the King of Abyssinia and Aida’s father, and Ramfis, the great priest of Pharaoh Egypt, who sentences Radames to death.
The role of "Aida" Ethiopian in the original show presented by "Antonita Anastasi - Bozoni", and the role of King of Egypt by "Tommaso Costa", and "Eleonora Grosti" presented "Ameneres" the daughter of the king, and the commander of the Guard "Radames" presented by "Pietro Mungini", The role of the King of Ethiopia by "Francisco Steller" and "Ramfes" high priest by "Paolo Medini", The envoy was presented by Luigi Stichi-Butardi, The voice of the priestess was presented by "Marietta Alifi.

In addition, opera Aida was a great success in all parts of the world, and became famous for its tracks especially the march of the victory of the Egyptian army which then became the Egyptian national peace music. Opera Aida was presented in Egypt and other countries showed luxurious decorations that reflect the greatness of Egypt's history and its cultural heritage in addition to the appearance of the Hyenas and monsters in most of the shows. Opera Aida presents every year on the open theater in Verona, Italy.