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La Valeriana

Coca Tea in Cusco City
The coca plant has experienced some controversy in the past years, to the point that many visitors may forget the real, traditional value of the coca leaf. Since the pre-Inca period, locals have used coca leaves as a powerful stimulant that fights hunger, fatigue, and altitude sickness. Recent studies have suggested further nutritional value: by weight, the coca leaf contains more calcium than milk!
Coca tea is a very simple drink (literally jet boiling water with coca leaves into a cup), but it will bring the spirits up – especially if you are ready for a walk or trek in Cusco. Local cafe La Valeriana offers coca mixed with different traditional herbal teas and with great desserts for pairing.
Portal Espinar 115, Cusco 08000, Peru
+51 84 506941
Sun 8am - 9pm
Mon - Sat 7am - 10pm