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La Distillerie

Mason Jar Cocktails
Few things make me happier than a good cocktail with friends after a long, hot day. Especially when said cocktail is inventive, delicious, and massive in size.

La Distillerie, with four locations throughout Montreal (my favorite being on Mont Royal Avenue), serves yummy concoctions that only the bartender knows the secret to.

I strongly recommend the Pouding Chomeur for a bit of local flavor: Amarula liqueur, Galliano Liqueur, a locally made whiskey-maple syrup liqueur, egg white, maple syrup, and milk (with a typically Canadian maple cookie).
Shake, Shake, Shake
I should begin with a warning, or at least a disclaimer: while one giant Mason jar filled with boozy goodness may seem like a great idea, four jars filled with your favorite libation may lead to a grim morning after.

La Distillerie serves creative libations, and I'm particularly fond of From Smoke 'til Dawn, and the always tenable Chupa Chupa.

Get to La Distillerie early, or risk waiting in line.
Shake, Shake, Shake Montreal  Canada

BIG Cocktails
At La Distillerie, the drinks are strong AND giant. Served in mason jars, whichever cocktail you choose from the book-length menu can be served in a regular or "grand" mason jar.

The space is dimly lit and inviting, a little out of the way of the main bar lined streets nearby in the Latin Quarter. Cocktails were perfectly mixed and the menu will guide you on the strength, acidity or sweetness of the drink with nifty little scales by each drink - so you can't go wrong!
BIG Cocktails  Montreal  Canada

2047 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2H 1J7, Canada
+1 514-448-2461
Sun - Sat 4pm - 3am