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La Cambe German war cemetery

Another View of the War
There are always two sides to war, when you are visiting the WWII sights in Normandy France, consider stopping by the Germany War Cemetery to see another view of the war.

I can’t help but think that the whole experience of visiting war sites like this one was intensified for me since I was there with friends from the countries involved in these battles. Visiting the German cemetery in particular was a strange feeling. The whole cemetery with it’s black stone crosses in groups of 5 felt dark and unsettling, yet respectful. It was even stranger to visit it with a German friends by my side. It was conflict between our countries that put these boys in their graves that we stared at now. Once enemies, now friends. It’s at these times when I feel how important it is to strive for peace and greater understanding in the world.

More information on WWII Sites in the Area: http://www.ottsworld.com/blogs/remembering-the-normandy-invasion/

Les Noires Terres, 14230 La Cambe, France
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