La Boca del Lobo

Reina Victoria, Quito 170150, Ecuador

La Boca del Lobo is a funky little restaurant in the Mariscal neighborhood of Quito. The decor, as you can see, is a bit surreal with bright colors, abstract art and a tree growing up through the floor. The food is tapas style with a mix of Spanish, American-ish and Ecuadorian ethnicities, the most successful of which are the Ecuadorian dishes. I loved their little empanadas and the atmosphere and would recommend it as a fun food adventure.

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Loco for Boca del Lobo

Thanks to a previous AFAR post, I arrived to Quito hungry and discovered this place was walking distance from my hotel/hostel! The decor is bright and trippy as is the diverse, American-priced menu. Inside was refreshingly lively after a Sunday night walk down quiet streets of homes and closed stores. A glass of wine and an appetizer/tapa of Yuquitos - mini yuca croquettes stuffed with garlic, shrimp, ricotta and red peppers and a side of fennel-yogurt sauce - was the perfect order for a good-nights sleep ahead.

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