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Kwisitis Feast House Restaurant

A view with your food
The food was delicious, but the view! The food could have been terrible and I'd still recommend you go here.

I'm not sure why, but there are hardly any signs for this place. We were lucky to find it. There was nothing on the main road, but we happened to already be on Wick Road after finishing up the bog hike. Instead of heading back home, I continued down Wick Road and saw the sign for the Feast House at the 3 way stop (if it's not there, take a left at the 3 way and park in that parking lot).

The Kwisitis Feast House sits above and overlooks Wickanninish Beach in the original Wickanninish Inn, and since we were visiting in the Winter we had the whole place to ourselves. The menu is inspired by authentic First Nations cuisine, but they have a wide variety on their menu like Moroccoan soup and Thai curries. Their hot chocolate was way overpriced, especially because it tasted like it came from an instant bag, but the bison burger was delicious.

After finishing up you can take a few steps down to the beach and explore the massive piles of driftwood and jagged rocks exposed during low tide.