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How Should You Tackle Curbed Car Wheel? Washington, D.C. Virginia United States

How Should You Tackle Curbed Car Wheel?

If you just have got a curbed wheel accidentally, it may easily take-up your entire day. The only thing that gives you a breather is that the damage is minor and rather easy to repair. If you have a little bit of experience, you can fix the curbed, scuffed or scathed wheel on own. Doing cosmetic repair at home is not that difficult, but anything more than that might need a technicians help.

When You Run Out of Options

If you don’t have the any-other option, you can always call a mobile wheel repair service or send the wheels to the car repair shop. But when the damage is severe (you have flat-wheel from hitting a pothole or slamming into a curb), it can’t be repaired even by a mobile repair service. This is when you have you may have to remove the wheel and send it to the wheel repair shop.

Once You Are In Shop

Once you have the wheel in the shop, the technicians are first going to see how bad the damage is. Once they observed the wheel closely they will be able to tell, what has to be done next. Most of the repair shops are equipped with the machines to detect even the slightest of the damage so you can rest assured that you will get the actual guidance regarding what has to be done with car wheel repair.

Rim Repairing

Once the level of damage has been identified, the technician will seek your go ahead to start with the repairing. Most skilled technicians have a set process that they follow for repairing. It may involve


It means cleaning the wheel thoroughly to remove all the dirt and paint. It is done to see the cracks if any.


If there is a crack in the wheel, no matter how small it is, it has to be repaired by way of welding. If it is not done, it may end up getting widened and you may be left with damaged tires as well. It is then sanded to get the smooth finish.


Car wheel refinishing is done to get the original finish of the wheel. It means that when you take the wheel back you must get a feeling that you are taking a new wheel home.

In The End

When you get the repairing done, be sure to ask about the servicing options for future so that you can take wheel during a stipulated time.
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