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Kruger National Park

Impala, the most graceful of creatures.
Kruger National Park is one of South Africa's best known game preserves. It houses thousands of species that once freely ruled the land. It was designed to help encourage survival of these animals and they rome free, and live off the land. You can either take tours, or bring in your own vehicle. However, be warned these are creatures in their own habitat, you do not want exit your vehicle at any time. They are rest stations to be found in the park that are safe.

The Road Less Traveled.
On this particular day, we had spent at least six hours driving inside Kruger National Park. We steered away from the main part of the park up into some hills which is when we saw these majestic animals. It was a beautiful experience sharing the road less traveled.

Brotherly Love on the Road.
There is no experience that compares to seeing a baby elephant who is too young to even walk be helped up by his elder. We were blessed enough to be turning down this road to see this baby elephant stumbling in all its beautiful glory and being pulled up by its ears. I could never describe anything like it. Might I also add that Mom was out of the shot, but one thing I have learned from South Africa and Kruger National Park is that you never get too close to elephants especially there babies. We then patiently watched and waited for this baby elephant to stumble across the road.

The way Mother Nature intended it: Kruger National Park
Hear the elephant trumpet sound, the Africa lioness roar, and gaze into the eyes of the menacing mother water buffalo at Kruger National Park located near Johannesburg, South Africa.

The fenced in national park is home to the Big 5: the African elephant, African lion, Cape buffalo, African spotted Leopard, and the rhino. No guarantees that you will spot these elusive creatures, but it is quite hard to miss the elephant matriarchy or the long-necked giraffe in the Bush. Other animals accompany the Big 5 such as Kudu, Bushbuck's, hyenas, zebras, crocs, and hippo's.

Book a one-day tour into the park or stay at a lodge right in the middle of all the action. Fall asleep to the calls of the wild and wake to the smell of adventure.

Tip: Travel between May-August and you will stumble upon Africa during winter. Which, of course, means less bugs and no mosquitos.

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