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Kruger National Park

Elephants Kissing in Kruger Park
A three-day safari in Kruger National Park is a must for anyone visiting South Africa. Entering the gates is like Jurassic Park and you feel transported back in time to the creation of Earth where the wild animals, especially the elephants, are dinosaurs filled with ancient knowledge of the land's beginning.

Although you may not see anything like the infamous "Battle at Kruger" YouTube video, you will certainly witness some interesting animal behavior like hippos bathing, monkeys mating, giraffes snacking or even two elephants flirting in the brush.

Safari Skies in Kruger Park
Despite all the animals you are guaranteed to see on a Kruger Park safari, the skies and landscape can be the most enthralling.

The clouds all line up overhead on a parallel plane as if friendly flying saucers. The endless horizon makes you feel small yet connected to the land and the beginning of time. The vibrant colors are pure, true to their natural form and unaffected by filters of the modern world. It fills you with nostalgia and awe.

While you are surveying the land for animals just make sure to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and sit with that feeling for a moment (or more).

Older Male Lion
While on Safari in Kruger National Park, this massive male lion was passing by and I was fortunate enough to get a photo. It was a short duration that we seen him. He was a little bit older but still a beautiful animal. I only wish I could have seen him with a pride and my life would have been complete.

Family of Four
We seen a cheetah off in the distance about 300 yards away coming towards us in the dried up creek bed. Next thing I know this family of 4 is sitting about 5-10 feet from our vehicle. They were so close that I could here one of the cubs purring. A great experience and viewing of a beautiful and healthy family of four.

AH! Lions!
We stayed at the Ezulwini Game Lodge which created a magical experience in South Africa. This was our first drive out. Off roading we went to a family of male lions. We wondered what would top this. Well each drive did.

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