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Krka National Park

Hiking and swimming through Krka National Park
This national park in Croatia is the quainter cousin of Plitvice, but it's no less stunning. The waterfalls are sonorously everywhere, dipping and dropping into pools, cascades, drips, and eddies -- all throughout lush parkland and along dirt pathways. The color of the Krka River is also a gem-like greenish blue, which is really rare (until you've seen the Adriatic, and after that, this makes more sense). The park is the result of the wide Krka River that deposits over limestone terrain, which is notably porous and malleable under passing water, hence the plethora of waterfalls that make up the park's thousands. This national beauty is not too far of a drive from Split, and it's a great place to spend the morning or afternoon hiking, watching wildlife (fish, frogs, and birds galore), and of course swimming at the very end, where the cascades reach the greatest in size and breadth.

There are plenty of photo opportunities and outlooks, and a food court at the end of the park's loop. It takes only about an hour or less to walk the main loop of the park, but it's big enough to spend a few hours in. There is even an old monastery that you can tour, located on a lone island in the middle of the river, so there is history and architecture to see too when you visit Krka.

Lozovac, Croatia
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