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Krasňanská Kúria

Krasňanská Kúria
Went out for dinner one night and my fiance's family brought us to this lovely little spot with a great outdoor area. It makes me think of a Slovak ideology on the usual sports bar or TGI Fridays kinds of spots with all the decorations and knick-knacks...only the food was waaaaay better than a bar or franchise spot.

The Slovak National Anthem
One of the many knick-knacks at Krasňanská Kúria. It translates as follows:

Above Tatra bolts of lightning, thunderstorm pounds wildly.

Let's stop them brothers, they will be lost, Slovaks will rise alive.

Our Slovakia was in deep sleep until now.

But thunder's lightning is shaking it to it's revival.

Chicken kebob at Krasňanská Kúria
With a recent trip to Greece still fresh in our minds, my fiance wanted chicken souvlaki, but in an Eastern Bloc country like Slovakia, this might not come as "Greek" as she wanted.

I was utterly impressed with the plating of this dish. The small stand where the kebob hung was too amazing not to shoot. The food was delightful in flavor as well.

I had the schnitzel with cheese you see in the background. Not the healthiest food, but I was on vacation.

Hubeného 2494/21, 831 53 Rača, Slovakia
+421 2/444 413 59
Sat, Sun 12pm - 10pm
Mon - Fri 11am - 10pm