Kitchen Guerillas

The Underground Mobile Dinner Club of Hamburg
Who: Koral, Turkish ex-pat in Hamburg, engineer by trade, food enthusiast, travel enthusiast, generally enthusiastic. Olaf, Hamburger, photographer and amateur hunter and chef.
What: a mobile, pop-up, dinner club. Dinners have theme: Christmas Muscles! Turkish Mezzes! Nose-to-Tail surprise! Dinners have locations: a lot of construction sites, make-shift spaces, sometimes gas canisters and big pots and lots of helping hands. Dinners usually sit elbow-to-elbow at long tables where talking to your neighbor is imperative. You walk a way slightly tipsy, very full, and with a few new acquaintances who you plan to meet up with soon after.
Koral and Olaf have also taken Kitchen Guerilla on the road, doing dinner collaborations with partners and friends in Berlin and Munich and they have led food-oriented sailing tours around the Turkish coast.
Dinners and dates are posted on the website - location confirmed after reservation has been made.
They are lovely individuals, great cooks and all around bon vivants!
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