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Our Nordic Pipe Dream

So here we go: the ultimate pipe dream, the item to top all bucket lists: the Northern Lights. I haven’t yet been to see them, but having ticked a lot of other destinations (Vietnam, Australia, the Thai islands), off my ‘most wanted’ list, the Northern Lights still remain unseen.

I’m not yet sure when my wife and I will have the chance for a Nordic holiday – we have a few things lined up for the next couple of years, and funds aren’t always readily available. But I’ve thought about taking this trip so often that I already know how I want to do it. This would really be a trip we wouldn’t want to rush – we’ve thought about taking a slow Interrail journey from the south of Norway to the North, but I don’t like the thought of all that sitting down in uncomfortable seats. Our revised plan is a cruise along the Norwegian coastline, starting in Bergen and making our way all the way to Kirkenes in the very north – I imagine there will lots of opportunities to see those beautiful swirls in the sky along the way. We’ve looked at a number of cruise providers (what did I say about planning ahead?) but think we will opt for Hurtigruten as their route and itinerary exactly match what we had in mind. I’m so looking forward to this plan becoming a reality – the Northern Lights is truly the pipe dream of a lifetime.