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Grand Central Cafe

The Legend of Leatherface
OK, we just have to say it: there never was a "Leatherface," and the closest that the annals of real life crime come to a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type killing is Wisconsin's serial lunatic, Ed Gein. But the film has become a classic of sorts, and people want to see where it was made. A 1909 Victorian house that used to stand in Round Rock appeared in the original 1973 film as Leatherface’s home. The house was later purchased by the Antlers Hotel, taken apart piece by piece (much like Leatherface's victims!), and reassembled in Kingsland, where it is now home to the Grand Central Cafe. The food is inexpensive, tasty, and plentiful—and there's nary a mention of a Chainsaw Special on the menu.
1010 King Ct, Kingsland, TX 78639, USA
+1 325-388-6022
Wed - Sun 8am - 2pm
Wed - Sat 5pm - 9pm