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The best guide there is!
Peter Mato (pictured - and no, he did NOT deface that rock!) is the best guide you could ever have climbing Kilimanjaro. He grew up on the mountain and started early as a porter and worked his way up to full-time guide. He's fluent in several languages (including English) and has led hundreds of ascents. He can read you like a book and if he tells you to slow down or speed up or keep doing what you're doing - obey! At one point when I was at Gillman's Point - just another mostly flat mile or so away from the actual summit - I thought I would have to quit. But Peter checked me out, and encouraged me to keep going. I trusted his judgement and I'm glad I did, as I was able to complete the last leg and stand at the summit of the highest mountain in Africa - 19,342 feet high! Thank you Peter!

After my trek up Kilimanjaro, I got to see the summit from the plane on my way home from Kenya. And this is the easy way to see it!

Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania