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Toes in the sand, heart in the mountains
Kelowna, British Columbia, located in the Central Okanagan in Canada is an urban oasis that boasts some of the best restaurants and wineries, and some of the best natural amenities all in the heart of the city. Stroll the city boardwalk along the water after spending the day refreshing in the cool Lake Okanagan, take a hike up Knox Mountain Park - or just chill on a patio lakeside with a few cocktails, it's all here.
Knox Mountain
Hike it, bike it, walk it, run it - just do it. Knox is an all around favourite for locals and visitors alike. The close proximity to the central city makes this hike not only breathtakingly beautiful but also convenient. The representation of different ecosystems of the mountain varies as the park includes lakeshore and mountain top ranges with the summit approximately 300 metres above the high water level of Okanagan Lake. This 310 hectare park is a beautiful option for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to stay close to the heart of the city.
Knox Mountain Kelowna  Canada

Kelowna City Park
Gather the friends and family and head to the city park. Relax next to Lake Okanagan or go in for a dip. As the city park is in the heart of downtown Kelowna it is perfectly located for any activities you have in mind ranging from restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping, and more. Stroll down Bernard Ave and find out what this charming city has to offer.
Kelowna City Park Kelowna  Canada

Social eggs must be happy eggs - because they sure make me feel that way. Breakfast at the OAK + CRU in the Delta Grand Resort is not only delicious, but also beautiful when seated looking out to the waterfront of Lake Okanagan. No matter the weather, this view is phenomenal (so is the menu - try the classic benny and for the adventurous have a glass of the Sweet Honey Ginger Kombucha).
OAK + CRU Kelowna  Canada

Meadow Vista Honey Wines
You read that right, honey wines. While the Okanagan region is known to grow some of the finest quality wine grapes in the country, even rivalling wine giants like the Napa Valley, this winery has taken to a different form of fermentation. Meadow Vista Honey Wines uses mead to make their wines. While sweet in nature, the honey wines are very versatile - Winer owner Judie Barta has recently introduced an apple cyser (a mix of honey wine and fresh organic apple juice to make a cider like drink). Watch out though, these puppies are not your average cider - much higher alcohol percentage 12.2% makes the cyser a grown up version of a grown up cider!
Meadow Vista Honey Wines Kelowna  Canada

Kelowna, BC, Canada