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Buses, Trams, and Subway Cars
What better way to experience everyday life in a place than to ride public transpotation. It can be quite an adventure in Kazan, so here's a few tips to keep you riding safe:

-Become adept at boarding and exiting a moving vehicle. The doors on the bus will open before the bus has stopped moving and won’t close until after the bus has departed from the station.
-When you get on, hold on! Do not attempt to ride without holding on to a bar or a seat. You will fall down.
-Drivers slam both the brakes and the gas.
-In summer, bring a fan and/or a handkerchief. You will sweat. Profusely.
-Have your money ready beforehand if possible. It can be tricky to maneuver your wallet and hold on while the bus driver jerks you around.
-Get near an exit at least one stop before the one you need. This is especially important when the bus is very crowded, otherwise you might not get off the bus at all.
-Buses don’t necessarily stop at every bus stop along their route.
-Buses sometimes sit at a station for an inexplicable amount of time so it’s preferable if you’re not in a hurry.

A few other things you will notice while traveling on Russian busses:

-Everyone offers their seat to seniors and those with children.
-If there are no more seats available and a person is carrying a lot of items, a person with a seat may offer to hold their items so it is easier for the person to ride.
-There is a general sense of camaraderie when riding the bus- it is something you all survive together.
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