Karama's Hidden Eat Street

Craft your own food trail on Karama's Eat Street
There is such a mind-boggling variety of food cramped up in the block behind the Park Regis hotel in Karama, that your brains get fried into this chewy schmukaroo of dinner-time confusion. Should you do Ethiopian? Or Sudanese falafel? Or Indonesian/Malaysian? Or Indian? And if Indian, which of the many squished together places - Indian-style eggs, spicy Keralite fish curries, the Indian take on Nepalese momos, or Calcutta-inspired kaati rolls - do you pick? It’s the perfect Karama couch for a food orgy of the most excessive order. Go with an open mind and even an more open tummy, and craft your own food trail through an uninspiringly-named, bland-looking, yet deliciously endowed street in Karama (street 4B).

Reviews of some of the places on/around the Street 4B:
Raju Omlet: http://www.iliveinafryingpan.com/marmara-sigdi-raju-omlet-dubai/
Kaati Express: http://www.iliveinafryingpan.com/kaati-express-dubai/
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