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Kangal, Sivas, Turkey
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These Fish Really Suck Kangal  Turkey

These Fish Really Suck

You’ve probably heard of these munch-skins. Originating from hot springs in Turkey, they’re little minnow-proportion fish that gently nibble away and peel the feet (and hands), giving a relaxing massage. When you dangle or dip your feet or hands into warm water tanks that replicate the fishes natural hot spring environment of 37 degrees Celsius (yes, that is equal to the average human body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) you feel a light tingling (some say feathering) sensation that leaves you relaxed and feeling quite amazing.

Why do these little fish behave as they do?

Geography and history show the high temperature of the water makes it difficult for nutrients to survive, turning the fish into voracious diners that draw sustenance where they can. Which is just about any foreign object that enters their realm.