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World Sled Dog Championship 2014
What do you do if a friend wins 2 tickets to the World Sled Dog Championship 2014? Of course you pack your bag with a water bottle, a camera, a hat, gloves and sun cream, put on some warm socks, take out your winter boots, put on your winter jacket, and most important grap your sunglasses. And then you're set to see a race where one of the fastest runners in the world line up to compete against each other. Well that, or you observe the tons of photographers all lined up along the tracks, professionally equipped with camping mat (sitting in the snow will get cold eventually), a thermos with hot coffee, and a smart phone/pad (it might get boring sitting in the snow watching dogs run), and last but not least huge capacious lenses. Exotic competitors from Scotland and even a team from New Zealand have found their way to Switzerland's cozy Kandersteg. Young Russian girls feel a Swiss winter is a Russian's summer so they cheer on their dogs from the sled solely wearing a tank top. But truth be told, it was so warm that even sitting next to the tracks, wearing a sweater was too warm. Maybe that's why the dogs often decided that it was too much asked running in this heat and became much more interested in these people pointing these huge lenses at them.It was a nice relaxing sunny winter day (with quite some avalanches coming down the surrounding mountains) being not on skis for a change. So if you ever come by a sled dog race it's definitely worth taking a peak....
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3718 Kandersteg, Switzerland