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A moment of clarity
I was asked to join a fellow teacher to Kanchanaburi for a short weekend. We were attending the ordination of a young monk. Pom took me to the local Wat. There is a beautiful lake that surrounds the Wat, and this ancient dock where the fishermen boats anchor. The wind was blowing gently. But there is nothing like good rain in Thailand. Pom asked me to come down to the water to listen to the rain falling upon the lake and trees. It was a beautiful moment, and I am forever greatful for having captured it.

A peculiar thing
After a stroll over the bridge at the River Kwai, I stumbled upon a group of local women selling jewelry. They had brought these great glass boxes full of junkie jewelry and cheesy novelties. I was zooming in to take a picture of the clutter, when I noticed this butterfly trapped inside the glass casing. I found this more intriguing, and the photo turned out the same.

The land of smiles
At the ordination of a young monk, there was plenty of celebration. It was a very hot day, and I circled around the back of the Wat only to stumble upon these happy chldren. They were keeping shade, and keeping one another full of laughter as they waited for the odrination to conclude. I was lucky to catch this photo, because once the children recognized my presence they wanted to play!

Kanchanaburi, Thailand