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Shopping Among Locals on the Asian Side
While visiting Istanbul, take an afternoon trip across the Bosphorus to Kadiköy to stock up on food, sweets, and tea. The prices in this Istanbul neighborhood are at least half of those in the touristy Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. You'll also feel like a local as you wander the narrow streets hopping from shop to shop. But tourist beware, haggling doesn't happen as much here. So take the prices at face value.

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Ciya Sofrasy restaurant in Kadakoy, Istanbul, Turkey
An amazing meal on the Asian side of Istanbul in a great local dining spot. Fresh and delicious dishes from all over the middle east and traditional Anatolian cuisine. restaurant is located near a slew of cafes, fish markets, and fresh produce vendors off the Kadakoy ferry stop.

New Mediterranean dining at it's best.

Depart from Eminonu or Karakoy ferry terminals and return before last ferry departs. Friendly locals and shop owners will help you discover this delicious gem in the middle of a bustling market district.

Tough Guys
Walking around right after iftar last Ramazan I saw these Turkish teens. They looked so serious, like Kurtlar Vadisi. I couldn't resist the moment to snap a shot.

Defiance In the Form of a Rainbow
When Istanbul municipal workers covered over in dullish gray a staircase that had been painted in a rainbow by a retired local engineer, and initially denied doing so, people all over the city responded by painting other staircases, eventually winning the guerilla art war. It is now seen as a prideful symbol of the social uprisings among many who were involved. I was struck by some of the contrasts I observed in Istanbul, and the accommodating nature of the people
I met. Istanbul can call itself a unique city in more ways than most.

Kadıköy/Istanbul, Turkey