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Juneau in Photos

Alaska Waters at Dusk
My family went on a cruise from Seattle to various cities in Alaska. It was the most beautiful trip I've ever had the privilege to experience. I snapped this photo while strolling the decks as the sun was setting. I placed this highlight in Juneau although the picture was taken as we were going from one city to another. I'm not sure of the exact location. Although this highlight isn't of Montreal, I believe it's a beautiful example of beauty in North America.

Loan Boat
I took this picture from the deck of a cruise ship that traveled between Seattle and various cities in Alaska. I love boats and I thought this photo summed up the beauty of the trip I was experiencing. The most beautiful place I've ever seen is Alaska from the water. Although this highlight isn't of Montreal, I do think it's an exemplary example of the beauty found in North America.

Bald Eagles on the Wire
you all may have heard of the expression "Birds on the Wire", even Leonard Cohen has a song with that title. But in Juneau, Alaska, what you see on the wire are real, spectacular, big bald eagles. I have never seen anything like that in my life. if you visit Juneau, take a hydroplane flight to the glaciers in Juneau. Keep Exploring...

Juneau is surrounded by intercostal waterways and during the summer, Alaska’s capital is home to numerous animals, including Orca whales.

Juneau, Alaska in late January
There was a lot less snow than I expected. Quirky town you can only fly or sail into. The mountains are stunning and ring the town. Be sure to eat at the Red Dog Saloon and see the pistol Wyatt Earp left there.