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Jumeirah Beach Park

Park + Beach = Bark?

If you just can’t decide between the beach or the park, why settle for one or the other if you don’t have to? The beautifully landscaped 12 hectares of Jumeriah Beach Park is just the answer to such holiday dilemmas – the fluttering palm trees, white, sugary sand, turquoise water, hilly green grass and facilities all around will soothe your holiday worries away. There’s Arab family fun in the sun for everyone at Jumeriah Beach Park. Mama will love the clean toilets, hot showers, dressing rooms and lifeguards on duty. The little ones - the play areas, volleyball courts and baba - the picnic tables and barbecue pits. The recreational interplay of family dynamics and cultures makes for fascinating people watching. Saturday is reserved for ladies and children only.

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over 6 years ago

Dubai, Old and New

The Jumeirah Beach Park is a great place to bring friends and family, with a great deal of open space for a little soccer, volleyball courts, and warm water. It's also a great place for stunning views of the city! While spending a lazy afternoon basking in the sun here (in the balmy December weather of Dubai), this man and his two camels were slowly meandering down the beach.Bikini clad tourists are in stark contrast to the covered camel man quietly riding along the beach. He spoke to no one. I imagine he was trying to make a living off the tourists by offering you a ride on the second camel but I can't be sure as he spoke to no one as he rode down the beach and I never saw anyone ride the other camel. Maybe, he too, was out enjoying the beautiful beach weather in his own way. The contrast of the Old Dubai with the modern new Dubai really jumped out at me.
over 6 years ago

A Beautiful Moment in the Sands of Time

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, UAE is usually very popular with expats and travelers wanting to soak up the nearly year-round sunny skies. One weekday, I was sitting alone on the beach along the shores of Dubai, just contemplating life while everyone else was out shopping in one of Dubai's 68 (and counting) shopping malls or visiting the world's tallest building. Then there was this fantastic moment when I turned, and saw this Emirati man and his two camels strolling down the beach. They are there most days, offering camel rides and golden Facebook photo opportunities to anyone keen enough to climb atop one of the awkward beasts. The three of them strolled right by, barely looking in my direction as if I were not even there. I was able to grab my camera quickly enough to snap this one and only shot from my seat in the sand, and by the time I had looked up again, the three nomads had already began to pass me by, staring down the seemingly endless stretch of golden beach in front of them. It was a magical moment. For more than 5000 years going back to the mysterious Magan civilization, shepherds and nomads have wandered these sands with their camels. There was nothing fake about this man and his hairy humpbacked chums; the slow meandering seemed to be part and parcel of their nature. With the multitude of modern and eclectic skyscrapers of Dubai right behind me, yet out of sight as I stared over the Persian Gulf, I forgot about the malls and stared back into the sands of time.
over 6 years ago

A Beach Day in Dubai

Just a typical visual of Dubai. A few years ago where ever you turned there was a crane in sight Then the next day a building appeared. The heat can keep you in the malls, but October thru April aren't that bad to enjoy the beach with the camels. When you feel like you are going to faint from the heat, just walk across the street to all the shops and restaurants connected to the Jumeirah Beach Towers.
Department of Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing
over 6 years ago

Everyone is Invited to Dubai’s Beach Party

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Few beaches have views as amazing as this one, with the Persian Gulf and the World Islands in one direction and, behind you, the stunning Burj Al Arab soaring into the sky. No wonder it’s one of the most popular spots in Dubai, filled with visitors from every corner of the world and locals too, enjoying the sun and warm waters of the gulf. Excellent facilities, including a children’s play area make the park a great option for those traveling with little ones. When you’ve had your fill of building sand castles and splashing in the surf, get a burger or kebab at one of the many food options nearby. dubaicity.com/jumeirah-beach-park