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Through the Flowers
While staying in Puno, Peru, on the banks of the fascinating Lake Titicaca, my husband and I hired a guide for a day to take us to some of his favorite towns in the area so we could see a bit more of what a typical day is like for those living in the area.

While driving near the border of Bolivia, we passed a field and I noticed this young girl walking through the flowers. I don't know where she was headed, but in that moment, surrounded by the beautiful grass and brightly-colored flowers, she seemed so peaceful and serene.
Heading Home
When visiting Lake Titicaca, a fun side trip is to hire a local guide for a drive through the countryside around the lake. It's great having someone with knowledge of the area take you on a tour so you can learn a bit about what daily life is like for those living around Lake Titicaca.

Near the Bolivian border, I noticed this rancher heading home for the night. I wondered what his day had been like and what the rest of his day would bring.
Heading Home Juli  Peru

Black Sheep of the Family
Driving in the countryside around Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian border, we came across many farms like this one. Sheep and pigs were prevalent, with most every house having at least a couple. The red soil looked so rich and fertile that it was easy to see how the small family gardens would do well. I had to laugh at the one black sheep - the proverbial black sheep of the family.

One of the best things to do on a trip to Lake Titicaca is take a day, hire a local guide with knowledge of the area, and ask them to take you to some of their favorite towns in the area - a great way to see what daily life is like for those living around Lake Titicaca.
Black Sheep of the Family Juli  Peru

Juli, Peru