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Jugendherberge Scuol

Prà da Faira, Via da la Staziun, 7550 Scuol, Switzerland
| +41 81 862 31 31

Wake Up to Mountain Mist in Scuol

The morning begins with wisps of clouds covering the mountains, slowly floating away to reveal a soft blue sky behind the peaks. A chilly morning, the refreshing air moved slowly through the valley after a rainy night. Sitting outside eating breakfast couldn’t have been any better. Outside, the solitude out on the patio to watch the clouds roll over the mountains was perfect. Birds chirped from somewhere in the towering trees across the valley, and dogs barked in the distance. Three large peaks tower and the rocky crags reach above the clouds, the wind swirling the rolling clouds around the distant crevices. Thunder breaks in the distance. Below, a car drives down the street, wheels spraying water behind. Whoosh.

The sun finally peaks through the tops of the clouds, lighting the white crown over the mountain. Breaking through the thicker clouds below, the adjacent peak lights up, shadows cast between the cracks. The texture and contrast of the light bring the giant rock to life. A ray of light shines down past the remaining wisps of smoky clouds, lighting the forest and separating the individual trees in the blanketing forest. And finally, I see shadows appear across the table as my breakfast sits lit up by the soft morning light. The grey clouds have turned a pearly white as the soft light shines through them. As the clouds move down the valley, the peaks become backlit, creating ominous silhouettes towering above. Darkness moves down the valley as the sun comes and goes.