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Jog Falls

Jog Falls - A gushing waterfalls nestled in Western Ghats
Jog Falls brings back the etched memories of our family trip which we took more than a decade back. Along with mom and dad we had all uncles, aunts and cousins. Consider it a big fat Indian trip. It was ideal place to go for as it was extremely near to our native (hardly 50kms).

My first memory of this falls was just a big thick extravagant cloud covering the falls in the front, from the ground to the sky. Jog falls was literally unseen but the mind boggling gushing sounds had the capability to give chills to anybody. The moment sun came out again, the clouds parted ways and opened up like those huge drapes in broadway shows. There it was, plunging from a height of more than 850 feet, River Sharavati and its beauty.

There is a saying in our local language that "See Jog Falls at least once before you die". And then I understood why.