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Joe The Art of Coffee

9 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003, USA
| +1 212-924-3300

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Sun - Sat 7am - 6pm

A Central Cup of Joe

Joe is reliable coffee choice where the product is excellent and the service isn't snooty. The company prides itself on hospitality, is owned by a local family, and provides a much-needed dose of caffeine after a long day wandering through the streets of Manhattan. It's also an old-school approach to a coffeehouse (that means cash-only, and no WiFi)—a great place to relax, reflect, or catch up with a friend. There are about a dozen locations, from the Upper West Side to the West Village, including one inside Grand Central Terminal.

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AFAR Contributor
about 6 years ago

Starfish and Coffee...

I always enjoy reading the sandwich board outside of my local coffee house in New York's West Village. It's usually scrawled not with the day's offerings but some witty phrase or dictum. On a recent evening, walking to the subway to meet friends for dinner, it really caught my attention: the lyrics to a favorite song of mine. Anyone recognize it?
AFAR Ambassador
about 6 years ago

Sipping a Cup of Joe in the Heart of the West Village

The West Village neighborhood of New York City is my personal favorite, not only because it's where I spent my first two years as a New Yorker, but because of its quaint row houses, tree-lined streets, and local culture. This is the New York that many tourists miss when they stay in Times Square. Joe the Art of Coffee is a great example of one of the many gems in this area: small in size and always hard to get a seat, interesting people watching (my most interesting run-in was Jen Aniston sitting next to me one evening), cash-only and no Wi-Fi. This is not a place where you come for work or to check emails; rather, it's a place where you meet a friend for good conversation, bring a journal to put some steamy thoughts on a page or just come to soak up the experience of being there, along with the exceptional coffee, chai lattes, and pastries—try the vegan salted chocolate chunk cookie. You won't be disappointed.
about 6 years ago

A Cute Cup of Joe

On a corner of New York’s Waverly Place sits a small square of a coffee shop. At first it appears to be your typical ‘trendy’ location: an exposed brick wall, hardwood floors, a chalkboard menu of cappuccinos and cold brews behind the counter. But it’s more than that. This is Joe Coffee, the original neighbourhood outpost of a chain that now spans ten stores and two cities. The ‘joe’ here tastes terrific, and arrives like liquid artwork, the foam on top spiralled into a caffeine-fuelled heart. Then there are the giant glass jars jammed with cookies of all colours up at the front; it’s a tough choice, but the chocolate truffle takes the top prize. Joe is a relaxed West Village spot, where the baristas are friendly and the patrons range from tourists talking in tongues to locals taking their time over the newspaper at a sturdy wooden table. You can enjoy the airy atmosphere inside, or settle down in the sun on one of the outdoor benches. In short, Joe is the place to watch the New York world go by with a perfect cup of coffee by your side.
about 6 years ago

Joe the Art of Coffee

All great coffee shops seem to have a similar formula: affable and eccentric baristas, pastries, purchasable art and photography hanging from brick walls, interesting conversations, slow indie music, excellent coffee, dogs - pugs to be exact - and Joe the Art of Coffee in the West Village is no exception to this unwritten rule. Settled in a small building at the tony, tree-lined corner of Waverly Place and Gay Street, the sign in front of Joe declared, “Smart pups know where to fetch good coffee” and as advertised there was a steady stream of labradors, beagles, terriers, and pugs on their daily walks who stopped to greet one another. We sat at the stools at the open window facing the street and watched this friendly parade all morning. Then there was the people-watching: students, financiers, professors, yoga-philes, hipsters, well-dressed Europeans, interloping tourists (ahem): Such a diverse cultural taxonomy. You are neatly packed into a small space at Joe and seats are limited. The coffee is smooth, the pastries sweet and effective, the pace frenetically cool (how I would describe the Village itself). In a somewhat contrarian stance, there is no free wi-fi at Joe as if they are nudging you to put down the electronic device, disconnect from the interweb and just enjoy the Art of Conversation, the Art of Reading a Book, the Art of Dog Watching as you drain your great coffee.
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