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Chili fish cakes, deep-fried squid, zucchini and dumplings... anything more perfect on a cold day in the city?
My New Addiction.....
I have a small illness.
Hello, I am Michael and I am addicted to Red Bean (Insert Crowd): HI MICHAEL!!!
Ice cream, steamed buns, rice pastries, anything, I can eat it forever. I wish these old ladies would stop smiling at me calling me over and giving me some more to eat.... but I’ll enjoy it while I can before I have to deal with the withdraw symptoms back in Canada. God bless Korea...
My New Addiction..... Jecheon  South Korea

Café from the Café you say?
I wonder what they serve here? Maybe it's a cloth shop? I wonder where it is from? :P
Café from the Café you say? Jecheon  South Korea

What the hell did I eat?
While exploring near-by lake Uirimji, I stopped at a food vendor to look at what was being served. I don’t know if it was curiosity, stupidity or what, but I saw a pot of what seemed to be roasted bugs. People were eating it with beer. I grabbed a couple, and the taste was very earthy... not bad but not good. Can someone tell me, did I eat bugs? Not that I mind I just have no idea WTH I ate! Thank you :)
What the hell did I eat? Jecheon  South Korea

Angry Bun......
This is the most terrifying snack food I have ever seen.... If I die, I hope you've enjoyed my posts till now!
Angry Bun...... Jecheon  South Korea

Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea