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Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park

Faces of Chicago Fountains
The Crown Fountains are one my favorite Chicago landmarks. I call it the Fountain of the two faces. There are two towers with multicultural faces that change. It reflects the diversity of Chicago. The Crown Fountains in Millennium Parks were designed by Spanish artist Jaume Piensa. The faces come from a cross-section of 1,000 Chicagoans. The water that spouts from the mouths of the faces derives from the traditional use of gargoyles in fountains. Open mouths with water flowing out represents a symbol of life.

Chicago Culture
The Frank Gehry-designed Jay Pritzker Pavilion is one of the many cool aspects of Millennium Park, located in the heart of downtown Chicago. With the mechanical-yet-organic-looking amphitheater that resembles something out of a Transformers movie, this impressive sound stage is home to an array of free public music performances that are held throughout the year. With the metal latticework stretched above you, music piped in from a high-def sound system, and the city of Chicago rising up around you, you might just call it 'perfect.'