Jardin Majorelle

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Color, Color Everywhere!
Yves St. Laurent owned a garden in Marrakech.

It is a busy tourist stop that at first seems overrated, but if you go early in the morning and let your senses get lost in the rich colors and marvelous trees, flowers, and plants, you'll see what all the fuss is about.

After your walk through the estate, stop into the tiny museum dedicated to St. Laurent's "Love" letters to his friends and then have a refreshing class of ginger juice in the outdoor cafe.

If you time your visit right, you'll be walking out of this lovely retreat just as the tour buses unload their mid-day crowds.
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The French Touch in The Heart of Marrakesh
In the midst of the chaotic roads, the busy locals and the humming of the calls to prayer, lies a little piece of heaven. Of blue heaven, that is - majorelle is a French word meaning bright cobalt blue.

This really isn't the type of place you would normally expect to find in Marrakesh, the most overwhelming city I have ever visited. The Jardin de Majorelle was designed by French artist Jean Majorelle, back in the 1920s, where Morocco was a protectorate of France. What is perhaps the most notable feature of the garden, outside its luxuriant plant selection and its typically photogenic Moroccan architecture, is the owner, Yves Saint-Laurent. Upon his death in 2009, his ashes were scattered in the garden, and a memorial was created to honor his memory.

Marrakesh left me with mixed feelings - but if there's one thing that could make me flip to the 'Marrakesh is awesome!' team, it would definitely be these gardens. Definitely not to be skipped.

Quick tip: if you have time to tea, the garden's tea house is particularly lovely and offers many fancy options that are well worth their steep price by Moroccan standards. Enjoy!
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An Incredible Enclave in Marrakesh
The Jardin Majorelle, just outside the walls of Marrakesh's Medina, is a quiet sanctuary, featuring the influence of both Jacques Majorelle and renowned French fashion icon Yves Saint-Laurent.

Despite being just meters away from the bustle of the Medina, the garden is a calm, colorful tribute to the influence of two of France's most notable designers. Bright yellows, oranges, and the famous Majorelle blue decorate the buildings, while majestic flowers fill in the blanks. Lilly pools, water features, and other tasteful monuments create an incredible sense of tranquility, beauty, and relaxation, all in the middle of the incredible chaos that is Marrakesh.

And with a 50 dhs (~$6) admission fee, tranquility doesn't have to cost.
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Garden walks in Marrakesh
It’s good to get quiet with nature in a city that runs on a pace like Marrakech. The Marjorelle Gardens are rightly celebrated, and allow to you catch breath among the running water and shady stands of bamboo. But gardens closer to the medina are often over-looked. Those surrounding the Koutobia Mosque are planted with roses and a delight to walk in, as are those at Agdal near the Kasbah. Grab a scoop of ice-cream from a nearby stand, and spot young Moroccan couples and families alike taking the air. Early evening is the most popular time to enjoy the promenade.

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Le Jardin Majorelle
Visit Le Jardin Majorelle in Marakesh, a tropical paradise where Yves Saint Laurence got much of his inspiration. Tall, thin trees shoot up in every direction, their trunks engraved with thousands of tiny messages, initials and symbols. Colorful pots and cactuses line the side of the stone walkways. A huge pond full of waterlilies reflects the lush foliage and architecture. Visit YSL's place of burial, his ashes buried into the earth of this garden, and view some of his incredible fine artwork in a museum on the grounds.
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