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James R. Thompson Center

Dubuffet's Monument with Standing Beast
Jean Dubuffet said he wanted this 20,000lb fiberglass sculpture to look like a drawing that extended into space incoporating architecture, animals, trees and portals. I get the drawing part but the rest of it depends on where you stand and look.

Dubuffet created anti-intellectual art and had a long career incorporating street art and graffiti. Critics of his work call it childlike but the best of it, like this sculpture, is expressive and interactive. Walk through this Monument. Look through it, photograph it from the inside or the outside and it will look different depending on how you look and where you are. It sits on a plaza in great contrast to the sleek round James R Thompson Center behind and there’s no mistaking the humor and whimsy Dubuffet brought to his design. Don’t take it seriously. He didn’t.

100 W Randolph St #4-300, Chicago, IL 60601, USA
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