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Jame Abbasi Mosque

Isfahan Province, Isfahan, ضلع جنوبی میدان, امام، Iran
| +98 31 3222 5868
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First Sight at the Half the World -Iran Isfahan  Iran
First Sight at the Half the World -Iran Isfahan  Iran
First Sight at the Half the World -Iran Isfahan  Iran
First Sight at the Half the World -Iran Isfahan  Iran

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Sun - Sat 9am - 6pm

First Sight at the Half the World -Iran

I arrived at Isfahan at 5:30 in the morning when the bus terminus was gradually wake up at dawn. The travelers scattered around as if the station was conducting its metabolism. Sleepy, I lean against the chair to wait for the conductor. After reassuring the timetable of the bus towards the international airport, I bought the ticket for fourth day after. Isfahan would be my trip termination of Iran. The moment when I stepped out of the station, the street there was filled with taxi, taking away passengers one after another. I stopped one of them, and told the name and address of the hotel to the driver. The driver reached out his hands and made two gestures, two fingers of one hand, while five fingers of the other hand. I asked, “Does it mean 25 thousand Rials?” The driver nodded and then I jumped onto the cab.

There was not much surprise on the first sight at Isfahan. The straight road design here is similar to that of Jiayuguan which is also located in desert. However, there are more trees here in Isfahan which let me think about the word “oasis”. The hotel which I planned to lodge was just besides the street where many trees were planted. The signboard of the hotel is small but correct. I took out 25 thousand Rials and handed it to the driver. But his hands were shaking with doubting expression in his eyes. “Are 25 thousand Rials correct?” By shaking his head, the driver took out a pen and wrote on his hand the number 50000. “But you’ve said 25 thousand Rials were correct.” I said to him while making the gestures of two and five by my hands. He looked at my gestures and showed me again the number on his hand. I then realized that he might not understand English.