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jagello business hotel

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Booking the Perfect Hotel in Budapest
Booking a hotel in Budapest can be a daunting feat. The name of the aged city is enough by itself to intimidate even seasoned travelers. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or family reunions: Stay calm and follow these booking tips.

Hotels for When You’re Traveling for Business:

Traveling for business? These hotels are perfect for traveling teams or singular salespeople.

  • Jagiello Hotel is a simple place. It has a built in bar and a garden. This bare essentials approach is what makes it so appealing to business travelers all around. We loved it because the room designs reminded us of the rooms we had in our parents’ homes when we were children. It’s got that added air of safety that will give you the sleep harmony you need to ace your presentation tomorrow.

  • 2.Boscolo Budapest Hotel is a place of dreams. We most certainly had the stars in our eyes when we saw the New York Cafe. They may call it that-we’re sure it has something to do with the menu-but the style is Hungarian to the nth. With pillars that twist like great coral structures, this place may well be in Poseidon’s kingdom, far below the sea. The feet of said pillars are certainly dressed out with enough golden trim to reflect the sea king’s wealth.

    With the interior dining design, we have to say that this place has a bold air of commercial wealth which is why we called business on this. Still, if you wanted to have your honeymoon at the Boscolo, it would make sense to us. Once you’ve seen the light which comes from the wizard-hat shaped chandeliers in this place...You might have to walk us back to the stairs. The starlight, yeah, you may have to drive us back too. Owe you later?

    When you select these hotels, find one that’s pretty close to a train station if you can. Take a page from the New Yorker’s bible and never trust taxi service to get you to meetings on time. Not even Uber or Lyft. (Psych, Budapest doesn’t have Uber anymore. See what I mean? Have to trust to the edifices that are).

    If you can’t do that, make sure that your hotel provides adequate car services or that you can walk to meet up with your colleagues from this place.

    Hotels for When You’re Traveling for Pleasure:

    The Corinthia Hotel

    This place! What can we say about it that will do it justice? Did you dream that your life would be a modern fairytale when you said “I do”. Here it would be literally. As their festive season approaches, they have the hotel’s interior decorated like scenes from Beauty and the Beast complete with rose in glass cylinder.

    The rooms in this place have a modern living style to them. Bold colors offsetting pale ones gave us a sense of deep professional input. Even the wall fixtures, with their sundial imagery, give away an attention to detail that highlights the perfect lesson for newlyweds. Little things created your love and the attention to little things preserve it.

    What really makes this place perfect for honeymoons is its pool and spa section. There are little words to accent the relaxing feeling derived from the smooth stone walls and candle lit features. This place exudes such peace we almost fall asleep just thinking about it.

    We’d be remiss for writing up a review of Corinthia without giving you the scoop about their rooms. The suites are simple with wooden panels and plush, doming beds dressed out in rich fall colors of pastel blues and caramels. This place even offers a Presidential Suite that is like something from a Christmas movie.

    Find a Great Hotel at a Budget Friendly Price

    Are you biting down on a pen to brace for the cost of your hotel?

    Don’t. It’s bad for your teeth. Thanks to sites Travelocity, Hotels.com and  Expedia -- even a 5 star Budapest hotel is affordable for everyone. Whatever you do, don’t forget to check these budget sites.  With enough planning, you can save 60% of the cost it takes without using a discount site.  Do your wallet a favor: Make sure you compare rates and looks for deals.  You won’t be disappointed.

    Pack Smarter, Not Harder

    The easiest way to stress yourself out before a big trip is waiting to pack until the last day.  Take the time to pack a
    Have you been here? Share a tip or a photo with fellow travelers.