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Jaffa, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

The Romantic Alleys of Jaffa

Jaffa is an old city port adjoins to Tel Aviv and it is a mixed city of Arabs and Jews. The legend says that Japheth, the son of Noah, found a pleasant hill overlooking a bay and settled down, naming the place 'Yafo'. This is one of the oldest cities in the world which retained its biblical flavor and myths.
Old Jaffa is built on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It has brick old houses with cobble paths and winding alleys. Imagine walking hand in hand with your partner through these alleys, discovering new corners, courtyards or just life your head up and see the moon shining in the sky.
Dine in one of many restaurants in this area; whether you want to climb up the stairs and have your dinner in a tiny restaurant with 3 tables only watching the sea, or dine alongside the marina in the renewed Jaffa Port.

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about 5 years ago

vacation for a day in Jaffa

Sometimes all we need is a short break from daily life. Getting up in the morning and making that day different. I love doing it from time to time. Taking my camera and my family we drove just 50 min from Jerusalem to Jaffa to explore one of the ancient and historic cities. Starting at the Flea Market looking for Antiques and vintage. Lots of interesting photographs, colorful and noisy atmosphere. love markets of all kinds..
Next place ( 5 min. walk). Old Jaffa, walking through the narrow streets, looking at those beautiful houses & churches, stepping inside studios of local artists like Adina Plastalina. Going down towards Jaffa Port -historic moment, one of the ancient ports now renovated fishing port. Lots of restaurants for lunch in this great view...