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Izzi Charters, Credit Village Marina

12 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga, ON L5G 2T4, Canada
| +1 905-615-4880

Gone Fishin'

Your back strains from the effort, and the muscles of your arms are ropey. But you’re loving every minute of deep sea fishing on Lake Ontario. You feel like the protagonist in a Hemingway novel.

Port Credit is ground zero on this end of the lake for fishing charters. Come the beginning of August, the waters are littered with bobbing boats even before sunrise. There’s a regular fleet of them by the time the annual Salmon Derby starts up.

Because the Credit River is a salmon spawning ground you’ve always got a great chance to bag a big one, and the crew at Izzi Charters, which combines seamanship, expertise, and the right equipment, will dramatically improve your odds.

And you can always pretend you’ve gone fishin’ even if it’s just another fish story. Book the boat to watch the fireworks, the annual air show, or just for a great day on the water.