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What Were The Most Trending Searches In 2016 As Per Google? Houston Texas United States

What Were The Most Trending Searches In 2016 As Per Google?

The first and ultimate option that knocks our minds when we have to know about anything, be it fashion life, new recipes in the food world, scientific inventions, thrilling movies, sports or news special, is Google. In fact, it would be better to say that Google has become the go-to-search option for millions of internet users. This’s why, with every new day, new searches on Google are hitting new highs. But, then what if we have to determine those terms, people around the world searched more on Google? How can we know what is the most searched on Google? Through Google Trends. By adding a new feature to its hat, this latest Google’s tool lets you discover the most popular topics available on Google’s database with the trending news month, worldwide, region and subregions wise. As this year is in its middle, it is a little bit difficult to know about trending searches. But, since 2016 has just gone a few months ago, let discover what were the most trending searches in 2016 as per Googleto know what interests people more in this digital time.

If check month wise – from January to November, let see who grabs the top spot in the search list.

January – Raccoons, Three-toes slot, Flint Baptism, Book of Genesis, Snow Cotton candy, Herbal tea, Kimchi Pot roast Superfood, Coin flipping, Olly olly oxen free, Powerball, Minimum wage, Wind & Fire Hotel California Tran Thanh Becky Alchemy Epiphany Duct tape, Million Angelique Kerber James Corden Lip Sync Battle Matthew Perry Netflix The X-Files Monarch butterfly

February – Puppy Carnival Parade, Gravitational wave, Girl Scout Cookies Guacamole Nachos, Black Desert, Online Teddy bear, Burpee Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday Green Eggs and Ham Harper John Oliver, Priyanka Chopra, General relativity

March – Selfie Zaha Hadid Brussels Havana Easter egg, Holi, International Women’s day, Sweet sixteen Climate Brunch Fish and chips Mimosa Corruption Merrick Garland GloboNews Daredevil Supergirl Le Chat Noir Empowerment Hourglass Shadow Miesha Tate Nate Diaz Deep Learning Patty Duke Adidas Superstar

April – Dreadlocks Panama Hanuman Ghee Kebabya Lemonade Protein bar Street food Impeachment Grammatical gender Melissa McCarthy Axl Rose Beyonce Prince Purple Rain Wednesday Chyna Kobe Bryant Stanley Cup Playoffs Doris Roberts HBO

May – Gorilla Vulture Halley’s Comet Nankai Trough Severe weather Warby Parker Water bottle DOOM Suncream Transgender Bouldering Lego minifigure The Kentucky Derby Civil War Data Science Beauty and the Beast Chewbacca Chris Evans Chance The Rapper Ozzy Osbourne Running Man Sharpie Golden State Warriors Leicester City F.C. Mr. T Muhammad Ali Premier League Hodor RuPaul’s Drag Race EgyptAir Scculent plant

June – Mosquito Oaxaca Orlando Reykjavik Istanbul Northern Ireland Poland Romania Adhan Ramadan Great Barrier Reff Monsoon Kurta One-piece swimsuit Curry Jalebi Meatloaf Strawberry Blood donation Road trip Boris Johnson European Union Petition Referendum Bud Tom Hiddleston Qawwali LGBT Hamilton Hammock Pound sterling Cleveland Cavaliers Copa America Game seven Jamie Vardy Kyrie Irving The NBA Finals Bab Al- Hara Penny Dreadful Voltron

July – Cruelty – free Swan Henna Eyelash extensions French braid Hi-top fade 7-Eleven Baghdad Baton Rouge Munich Nice Dallas Grance Portugal Bastille Day Mother Teresa Jupiter Bum bag Cold-brew coffee Ice Cream Okra Go Pokemon Gym Glamping Paddleboarding Coup

August – Grasshopper Nike Cortez Rio de Janeiro Shibuya Jainism Ketchup Roblox Cupping therapy Playground slide Water slide Cinderella Gene Wilder Harley Quinn Jokar Leslie Jones

September – Elon Musk Charlotte Ganesha Full moon Scholarship Business casual Claire’s Granola Pineapple Debate Loki Proper noun Algebra Bias Iron Spacetime Akira Banjo Shawn Mendes Trap music Alexis Arquette Pablo Escobar Supercouple Inequality Subjectivity Ballpoint pen Nightmare Arnold Palmer Paralympic Games Headphones Machine learning Video blog American Horror Story MacGyver Cable car Long Division Cloud

October – Palm Springs Promised Land Katha Orionids Beret Chokar Ripped jeans Windbreaker Juice Taco Hippocampus Inferno Nobel Prize in Literature Troll Urdu poetry Doctor Strange Luke Cage Robert De Niro Shailene Woodley Tom Hanks Bob Dylan Twenty One Pilots Clown Maat Burgundy Unicorn Chicago Cubs Los Angeles Dodgers Virtual reality Dinesh Lal Yaday Mix Steel The Walking Dead Uber

November – Flight jacket Trampoline Hillary Clinton Fidel Castro Donald Trump Melania Trump Millennials Opposite Penny Internet meme

Trending Subjects in the world


a) Pokemon Go

b) iPhone 7

c) Donald Trump

d) Prince

e) Powerball

f) David Bowie

g) Deadpool

h) Olympics

i) Slither.io

j) Suicide Squad