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A restive break at Türk Ocaği
Istanbul is such a great and easy city to visit and explore. As you're walking around sampling its delights, if you happen to be close to the Çemberlitaş tram stop, look for a cemetery, which is right by the Sultan Mahmut Turbesi on the corner of Divan Yolu Cd and Bab-i Ali Cd. It's surrounded by a stone wall with open grilled wrought iron windows and at its opening it has a beautiful large wrought iron gate. As you venture into the cemetery and walk amongst the beautifully carved ottoman tombs you will see housed in the rear back a tea house called Türk Ocağı Kültür Sanat Merkez. My friend and just happened upon it at night when checking out the cemetery. It's a local and seemingly popular place to hang out that was filled with students/locals taking tea and a few enjoying a nargile. For us, it was nice to get off our feet, warm up, and have access to free Wi-Fi for a few minutes while enjoying some inexpensive apple tea.
Istanbul, Turkey