İstanbul Boğazı

Istanbul Dinner Cruise
We boarded a ferry from Kabatas ferry lightened and made the ferry trip takes about 4 hours. They served meals during this trip, which is very tasty. first olive oil in salads and entrees were grilled chicken ate the main meal. Finally we ate the ice cream cake for dessert. During our trip, the bsophorus we visited. Istanbul is a very special part of the city is a part of the Asian continent, the continent of Europe and is the only city in the middle of the Bosphorus and the sea.
In fact, Istanbul has been the world capital of culture in 2010. There were girls tower in the middle of the sea and Istanbul symbol of a structure here.

During our journey we passed the Dolmabahce Palace and this is the first built by the French architect of the Ottoman Empire Sultan Abdulaziz. Here is used if a large number of items made of gold and silver. Dolmabahce Palace built during the Ottoman Empire, where the vast palace 2
It spreads area. Dolmabahce Palace and Bosphorus had a very nice sea views. Finally, the clock tower of the Dolmabahce Mosque and Dolmabahce palace are here.
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