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Top 6 Ideas for Teens Who Want to Volunteer  Palampur  India
Top 6 Ideas for Teens Who Want to Volunteer  Palampur  India
Top 6 Ideas for Teens Who Want to Volunteer  Palampur  India
Top 6 Ideas for Teens Who Want to Volunteer  Palampur  India

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Top 6 Ideas for Teens Who Want to Volunteer

Top 6 Ideas for Teens Who Want to Volunteer by iSpiice Volunteer in India

Volunteering is one of the best things you can do when you are in school and have extra time in your hand.

Not only it helps you to gather some community service experience to write down on your resume; it even helps you learn skills, make contacts and learn important life lessons. Volunteering can be a life-changing experience – professionally as well as personally.

I have seen teens getting job offers while merely helping someone with their work and I have also seen teens getting personally groomed as they step out of their comfort one to give a hand to someone in the community. It is interesting how a simple helping work can produce such amazing results.

If you are open to some rich experiences, here is a list of jobs that you can do.

Donation Drives

Take a look through your closet and home and collect the things that you or your family does not need anymore.

Organise them as per the kind of material it is. For example, put all the clothes in one box and toys in the other. Apart from the things that you do not need, make sure you add some new stuff to the boxes too. For instance, in the box filled with toys, you could add some coloring books and some candies.

You could also put in some mufflers and warm socks which do not cost more than a few dollars to the box with clothes.

Now, go around your city and donate them on appropriate places – toys in the orphanage and old clothes to the needy. You could also take the new soft toys or the ones in mint condition to the children’s hospital and play with them for a while.

Be the Santa

In many countries around the world, post offices participate in a small event as a part of which they write back replies to the children who send letters to Santa Claus.

As a part of the answer, a small gift is usually sent along as a token of love from Santa. Now that you are grown up enough and know that Santa does not exist, you can still be a part of the holy Christmas spirit by volunteering for this activity.

All you need to do is to find a participating post office and then simply talking to them about the work you wish to do.

Teach Computer to the Elderly

Being teenagers and growing up with a mobile phone in your pocket and a laptop in your bag, you probably know how to run a computer and the internet.

Not only this, you would be a strong advocate of the technology including the internet too. BUT did it ever occur to you how much challenging the chores of daily life have become for the people who do not know how to use a computer or a laptop, especially the elderly?

Be a Tour Guide

If your city has a historical site which does not have a tourist guide, you could volunteer for it. This is not only going to be an exciting job, but also an experience like no other.

Undertaking such a volunteer program will allow you to present your city and your heritage to the people of other regions.

You will have a practice your public speaking skills and presentation skills.

The most interesting part of this would be a chance to meet new people every single day.

Be the Coach

If you are good at sports and your school or college team is struggling with their performance, you could be the volunteer coach until the authorities find a better coach than you. Although such a volunteering opportunity is hard to get, but it is worth trying.

What else could you ask for? You get to play your favorite sport and coach your favorite team – the way you want. Being a volunteer in sports can make your lifestyle disciplined and healthy and this is another reason why you should not be giving up on such an opportunity.

Stand for the Animals

Animals are the most abused creatures in our society, especially the stray ones. Those are the ones that require the most love and care. Take a day off from your regular work or college and visit your local animal care centre or any animal shelter. You can also check with a local animal rescue team if they are in need of volunteers.
Most of the times, such organisations have openings that you can fill for the time being and help them rescue, run and maintain the animals. This isan incredible volunteering opportunity for anyone who loves animals and feels connected to them.

No matter what kind of volunteer program you undertake, ensure that you give your 100%.
A volunteer who is a person who is there to help people and not objectively benefit from the activities. Attach yourself with any of the above programs only if you can act selflessly and think more than just money. Learning should be the motive!