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Island Vibes Boat Tours

Chartering a boat for the day in the Turks and Caicos Islands
When in Provo, I always seek out an ocean adventure. I'm talking about snorkeling the pristine barrier reef that protects Grace Bay and laying claim to a nearby, uninhabited island for a few hours. This time we chartered a sleek catamaran from Island Vibes. Our experience was EXCEPTIONAL. The boat's Captain, Spike, went above and beyond to show us a good time. First, he fueled my shipwreck obsession by taking us out to explore a rusty old tanker that ran aground in a hurricane back in 2004. We snorkeled the ship's perimeter and I gave some serious thought to jumping off the thing, but I haven't had a tetanus shot in a few decades so I settled for a non-sanctioned scurry up the rope net on the side of it, pirate style. Ahoy, indeed.

Our craft boasted a rooftop sitting area, a diving board and a 12-foot water slide. Though our main goals of the day were to get up close and personal with some tropical fish and stare down a barracuda or two, I must admit, hurling oneself off the roof of a boat and splashing into the sea is even more fun than you might imagine. (Especially if you can pull off a mean cannonball.)

The color of the water in Provo is somewhere between "really freaking blue" and "my eyeballs are seriously going to pop out of my head right now this is so gorgeous." We beach-combed for shells on Dellis Cay, dove for sand dollars, and inhaled a delectable conch ceviche, fresh from the sea and expertly prepared by Spike. Amazing memories made. Mission accomplished.