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Sea Lions

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Sea Lions Natales  Chile
Sea Lions

Because of their webbed feet, sea lions belong to the branch of seals known as pinnipeds. Like fur seals, sea lions are distinct from other seals in that they have external ears, large front flippers and a rotating hip bone that allows them to walk on land surprisingly well, using all four flippers. Although the adults weigh anywhere from 300 to 450 kilos (660 to 1,000 pounds), they’re extremely agile in the water and swim as fast as 38 kilometers per hour (24 mph). They can sleep just as well in the water as on land, and have only two natural predators—orcas and sharks. Note: It might look like performing sea lions balance balls on their noses, but they’re actually using their whiskers. And of course you won’t see them doing such tricks in their natural environment.