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Isla Isabela

Shoot the Dragon's Spine
The landscape of northern Isabela Island is remarkable. This terrain, between Punta Albemarle and Punta Vicente Roca is some of the most remarkable in all of the Galapagos Islands, and often missed by folks spying birds, turtles, and sea lions (I'll admit, I was distracted plenty of times as well).

For good reason, the wildlife of the Galapagos gets most of the attention, but the big, bold landscapes deserve plenty of love as well. Now, if only a giant albatross were perched on one of those outcrops...
Support #GivingTuesday and Marine Iguanas
Galapagos Conservancy is a partner and supporter of #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to giving back during the Christmas holiday season (now in its third year).

Galapagos Conservancy has used #GivingTuesday to support a marine iguana conservation effort by requesting pledges of $5 that go toward identifying a mysterious disease afflicting the world's only known sea-grazing lizards. To date, more than 100 animals have died of unknown causes; this effort helps support laboratory tests, monitoring programs, and a rapid response initiative, all of which contribute to a larger conservation strategy.

The marine iguana is one of the most unique species of animal living on the Galapagos, and it thrills most everyone who visits. Let's help keep it that way.
Support #GivingTuesday and Marine Iguanas Galápagos Islands  Ecuador

Look Out Below
Snorkeling the northern tip of Isabela Island is tough business; it's difficult to know whether to look up or down, to go deep or to take in the stunning volcanic vistas above the water. I suppose you could do both, but it's more fun to try and do everything at the same time.

Don't let what can be fairly chilly water (72 degrees) scare you off; in a tight-fitting wetsuit, you won't even notice the cold.
Look Out Below Galápagos Islands  Ecuador

Isabela's kissing seals
Isabela and all of it's beauty awaits you. Flamingoes, iguanas, giant tortoises, penguins, blue-footed boobies, hammerhead sharks.. you name it, it's there for you to experience in Isla Isabela.
Isabela's kissing seals  Galápagos Islands  Ecuador

Isabela Island, Ecuador