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All You Can Eat Beijing Hotpot
You have to love a hot-pot place that hand-pulls its own noodles. And of course you can put those in the hot pot too to soak up all the sauce! The broth here is very good -- I found the spicy broth to actually not be that spicy, but the "pork bone and winter melon" broth was surprisingly succulent and flavorful. The meat is varied and of good quality -- they have all the staples, like waygu, tripe, lamb, etc. Also a good selection of meatballs and fishballs. The best part for me was their dim sum section -- handmade dumplings, noodles (try the biangbiang noodle on a wooden rack), and fried Chinese donuts! And, as a bonus, they give you ice cream for dessert. Come early and bring your appetite.
1420 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA
+1 628-400-5970
Sat, Sun 11am - 3pm
Sun - Sat 5pm - 12am