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Interrupted Travel: Which Countries Need Part-time Nurses? New York New York United States

Interrupted Travel: Which Countries Need Part-time Nurses?

Traveling from country to country can be exciting, but it also drains the money from the checking account quicker than expected. For people who have a skill or a trade that is transferrable, there are often opportunities to stop traveling andstart work – either as a volunteer or for a wage – to provide a change of pace. Nursing is one area where many countries find qualified nurses in short supply and welcome English-speaking, American educated nurses.
Here are a few countries where your nursing skills can be put to good use while enjoying longer stays in a single location.
The country of Ecuador located at the most westerly point in South America boasts a rich history, including the Incas. Impressive biodiversity and ecological rights are protected here with the Galapagos Islands a key focus of this effort. As for sightseeing, meeting the locals is interesting with 25 percent of the population being indigenous. For travelers who enjoy roaming around, there’s everything here from huge plains and rugged coastline to the impressive Andes mountain range.
Health care has gradually improved in Ecuador over the past 15 years. The number of nurses per 10,000 population has tripled, yet the education level in the nursing profession remains low. As such, there is a need for highly-educated nurses who would enjoy sharing their knowledge in a professional capacity.
Brazil is by far the biggest country in Latin America. More than 200 million people reside there. The country itself is a mix of overpopulated big cities and undeveloped non-urban areas, some with tribes that are still completely isolated today. There are opportunities for tourism throughout the country. The rainforests are full of diverse wildlife with a biodiversity that’s unrivaled.
There’s been a distinct lack of growth in the number of nurses per 10,000 population and currently,the dearthof available qualified nurses is a concern to the World Health Organization (WHO). Nursing is lacking in big cities, but even more so in rural areas.
Located between India and China, the small country of Bhutan only has approximately 750,000 inhabitants. The landscape is interesting with a subtropical climate in some parts of the country and the impressive Himalayas, which rise to over 20,000 feet andattract many climbers to the region. Rarely flat, the terrain is often mountainous or undulating. Where the location supports it, crops are grown and natural resources are developed. Maintaining the basic way of life is a consistent theme noted throughout the country.
Health care is suboptimal with life expectancy still only around 60 years old. The number of available nurses remains below the recommended level from WHO.
Advancing in Nursing
Adding to your education in the nursing field before traveling is an excellent way to be more useful in a foreign hospital. A qualification like the doctor of nurse practitioner programs offers a route from master’s level to doctorate level for existing nurses who are planning ahead.
Access to online doctoral nursing programs is on the rise. It allows students to study at home or abroad while traveling, which provides plenty of flexibility.
Combining a trip abroad with some volunteer or paid work opportunities is a great way to learn more about the local community instead of passing through unnoticed. By working alongside local people, it provides an insight into their daily lives that isn’t possible when following other tourists around the country on a pre-planned path.
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