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inca trail machu picchu: Tour Operator

Inca Trail Machu Picchu
The Inca Trail is the most legendary and by far the most well-known hike in South America. If you’re moderately healthy, the Inca trail hike is the most wonderful way to get to the secret Inca city. After a night in Cusco, you’ll begin on the 44km path along the old Inca trade route that winds its way up through the Andes to the out-of-the-way, and practically out of reach, Machu Picchu. Hiking for three days continuous and traversing across the highest pass at 4200m, the Inca Trail is not for the weak, but it’s definitely an experience that you won't forget and a real climax of your Peru trip. The vistas across the peaks of the Andes are amazingly dazzling and it's hard to explain the blissfulness you'll get when you finish your three-day Inca Trail.