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In de vrede

Westvleteren: The Holy Grail of our Trappist Brewery Expedition
The Sint-Sixtus Abbey is the most remote of the six remaining Trappist breweries, making it rare to find its beers anywhere other than Café in de Vrede, the restaurant across the street from the abbey. So rare if fact that the café’s take-away shop did not have any in stock when we arrived. After drowning our sorrows in the Westy 12, 8, and blond we began to see people crowd around the shop. A new shipment had arrived and we were ecstatic to take home a six-pack of the popular Westvleteren 12.

Get to the café early or call ahead to check on availability of take-away beer. If they are out of stock you can still order the beers on tap in the café. Although you cannot tour the abbey or the brewery you can walk on the grounds or arrange to visit the Claustrum to catch a glimpse of life in the abbey.

Donkerstraat 13, 8640 Vleteren, Belgium
+32 57 40 03 77
Sat - Wed 9:45am - 9pm